Body Massage

Like most therapists, I started out with Swedish massage as the basis for my therapy business. I very quickly realised that many of my clients needed so much more than that, so I embarked on a whole host of supplementary training to learn additional techniques including Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, Eastern Bamboo massage, Hot Lava Shell massage, Indian Head massage and the amazing ‘Beyond Hands’ massage.

In truth, today my clients benefit from a blend of some or all of these techniques, based on what they present with on the day – a truly bespoke, customized, person-centred treatment.

Why not consider adding in a back exfoliation – let me scratch that itch that you just can’t reach!

30 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage £30.00
45 minutes Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage £40.00
60 minutes Full Body Massage + head OR abdomen £55.00
90 minutes Full Body Massage + head AND abdomen £65.00
Back exfoliation £3.00


N.B. A note about allergies – It is your responsibility to disclose any known allergies you may have to products. I mainly use Almond oil as my base oil for massage, so if you have a nut allergy you MUST inform me before your visit, so that I can take all reasonable precautions to reduce the likelihood of you coming into contact with it.