Massage and me

From a very young age, if I ever bumped or hurt myself, my Mom would encourage me to rub or massage the area. Usually, I would do it for a few seconds and then carry on with whatever activity I was deeply engrossed in and quickly forget what had happened.

As adults, we instinctively massage ourselves if we are experiencing aches and pains. Sometimes we might add in some form of pain-relieving gel or cream to the local area, prescribed or bought over the counter.

For me, receiving massage is a very personal experience – I see it as an opportunity to give myself some ‘me’ time, to deeply relax and escape from the day to day distractions of life; time without any interruptions. At the very least, I like to take the opportunity to get those tight and knotted muscles stretched out, and I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to carry on with my day

As a therapist, I aim to provide that same level of experience for my clients, tailoring the session to their individual needs on that particular day. I’m always delighted when they tell me I have achieved that objective!

If you think about it, caring for yourself in this way is just the same as caring for your car – you have it serviced on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. You wash and polish it, and vacuum and clean the interior from time to time so that it feels comfortable to sit in and looks presentable.

Perhaps it’s time to listen to your body and start giving it the same level of attention, by making regular massage part of your self-care package – go on; you know you’re worth it and you might just enjoy it!


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