Why you should love your feet!

Ah; the feet – loved by some, hated by others – I hear it all the time “I hate my feet”, “I don’t know how you can mess with other peoples’ feet!”, “Don’t look at them; they’re SO ugly!”.

I happen to really love my feet – they are small and narrow with evenly sized toes and a good curve to the instep. I like nothing more than to put them in a bowl of warm, aromatic bubbles followed by a really good massage – my idea of heaven!

My feet are also quite fussy where shoes are concerned; they have been known to take a dislike to a well-worn shoe which is great one day, and a no-go area the next.

I’m a great believer that the feet are an excellent indicator of general health and well-being, which is well documented in the world of Reflexology and Foot Reading. (Yes; Foot Reading!) You can tell an awful lot about someone by having a really good look at their feet, as many of my Reflexology clients have come to discover!

But if you think about what our feet do for us, it’s quite astonishing really. They quite literally help us to ‘carry the weight of the world’ on our shoulders; they’re ready to make a run for it if the need arises by propelling us forward without a seconds’ notice; they support us in our efforts on the dance floor – some good, others less so! But you get the picture.

So how do we thank them? Well sometimes, we give them a really good scrub in the bath, but more often than not, it’s the area we pay least attention to when we’re in the shower, because they’re furthest away. If they’re lucky, we might put a bit of moisturiser on them from time to time. If they’re REALLY lucky, we might splash out on a pedicure or a foot massage. Then, we stuff them inside airless shoes for hours on end – no wonder they rebel and treat us to that not-so-nice sweaty foot smell or refuse to be forced back into those high-heels on the dance floor!

So; if you want to fall in love with your feet, my advice is to take a really good look at them the next time you take off your shoes and socks – say hello and then thank them for all their hard work, and give them a treat.

Trust me – it will be so worth it!petal_foot_bath_picture_170409


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